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MPD page 17 pencils by DanteRMaddox
MPD page 17 pencils
Here is yesterdays progress. Please check out my YouTube channel and tune in every night to see a live recap/demo of the work I do on this comic and other projects.
Blerdking Demo by DanteRMaddox
Blerdking Demo
Made this on my twitch channel today. Working on all video based stuff in the near future. Hopefully what people see and hear on my youtube and twitch channels will find it's way here! Check out the Blerdking on and of course follow me on twitter DanteRMaddox
MPD page. 12 by DanteRMaddox
MPD page. 12
This is the second splash page and being offered as a gift for a five dollar donation to my go fund me campaign. Any donation automatically gets you a free first issue of the comic. The special offer ends at midnight PST, so if you'd like the finished version of this page as a print, just drop by my go fund me page and fund... me...?
MPD Page 10 by DanteRMaddox
MPD Page 10
As you might already know, I'm running a go fund me campaign in order to get some new equipment. To that end I decided to share an image from even farther back in the development process. I'm actually showing you more than one trade secret. You see I'm a studet of comics and have done a lot of reading and research. I've also read a lot about what Stan Lee and company did in the early days of comics. You see, Lee didn't 'write' a lot of those early books in a traditional sense. He would send bullet points or plot ideas to the artists, who would then draw the panels based on those notes. The artist would then return the panels to Stan who then added the dialogue. Well, I want to write, draw, color, edit, and everything else roughly 100 or so comics over the next few years. So, I co-opted some of that technique. This image will show you what I mean. All I need to do is make a final decision as I plot each page of each issue. Once the art is done, I can finalize the dialogue. My hope is that it gives each issue the collaborative feel that comic readers are accustomed to, despite it being a one man show. So, you can see my plot-notes-self that will eventually give way to images and then finally word bubbles. The other pages you've seen on my page all start off like this. All thirty pages of issue one are done as well, I use Design Doll to make five pages like this one at a time. That way I can spend a good chunk of time just drawing.

Please check out if you'd like to help me complete the entirety of my project.
MPD Page 8 by DanteRMaddox
MPD Page 8
This is page 8, naturally. I wanted to show something from earlier in the process. Because of said process, pages won't be in chronological order going forward. But I'm close! Closer than ever!
Is what I might say. But it ain't the truth. I wanted people to see my art, but not the art I was doing then. I want people to see the art I'm doing now because I'm really proud of the art I'm doing now. I'm comfortable with every aspect of the work I have ahead of me. My comic book panels are going to look like how I imagine them from a writers perspective, every angle, every detail. I want my work to bring me work, and I think that it's good enough for that. I want to find out that gamers are at conventions with awesome images of their heroes and monsters, and a lot of those images are produced by me. I'm going to keep growing my library of work, in hopes that someone sees my work and thinks they'd like me to do that for them.  Here's to that.

My current schedule to keep me sane is comic book and website/ttrpg commissions during the week, with painting on the weekends. that should keep me busy with any luck!


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Dante R Maddox
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a writer and an artist. I have one novel on sale via amazon, two more on the way. I also write my own comics, providing the art. I'm hoping to sell some of my artwork or commission some original for tabletop RPG players. If you're a comic book writer and need an all-in-one artist. I'm interested in those offers as well.

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